November 27, 2012
Light touch, developed in soul, mind is forgotten,
Memories fade, the heart turns black and rotten
Overwhelming colors and figures loom in the distance,
Forgetting all hope inside, consumed by the missing.
Echoing through heaven and hell, this song never ends
Words will cause pain, but actions call for amends.
Consumed in the feel of the moment itself,
Time comes to a halt, captured by the way life was dealt
Memory fades, just like the boy, and all that we love.
One day means every thing,
we never know when we’ll go below or above.
She slips on the fear and swallowed by fright.
Consumed by the sorrows and darkness of night.
Calling to her, the shadows of life taunt.
Every night they are just a haunt.
Breeze blows, calling me in, trying to win.
Whispering in my ear telling me lies about him.
Try to run, the threat that was told,
She cried out her soul, she turned ice cold.
Her eyes closed and then they came,
Standing on the sidelines, it drove him insane
Now every things hectic and all must end
Souls are fleeing, war is around the bend.

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