Tables Turned

November 22, 2012
Tables turned

My head is screwed on backwards
Nobody cares
My feelings are hurt
Nobody listens

Third child syndrome
They call it
They say black
I say white

What if the tables were turned?
They were in my shoes
Me in theirs
What if

What if they had two older siblings?
Grades over their heads
Overbearing parents
Plus a disability

Have they ever tried
Doing everything right
Or their way
To get approval

Do they live in in fear
Of getting made fun of
Or making friend
Or not having friends

Do they try to listen
To me
The one in school
Or do they just nod their head

Do they hear me
Or just tell me what
I did wrong
Do they

If I was
In their place
I would listen
I would put myself in their shoes

Tables turned

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