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November 23, 2012
By Jessamine SILVER, Portland, Oregon
Jessamine SILVER, Portland, Oregon
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You know I thought I wanted this

You know that we weren't perfect, I knew that too of course I did

I thought all I wanted was out

I wanted kisses in the rain

and romantic gestures

and Sunday morning coffee

I thought I wanted him, because his soul was mine in a way yours never was

Kissing him was thrilling and new

he was a thousand colors I'd never seen before

He was everything you weren't and for a while I forgot

I forgot about you

I've never been more stupid

The day you left you grabbed a hold of all four corners of my universe

tight in those hands that used to rest on my waist or stoke my hair

you grabbed those corners and you pulled them down, took them away with you

I thought I was suffocated then, bound by a love I didn't want

but now

now I long for the safety of your touch and the comfort of your kiss

I don't need new colors

or for you to be something that you're not

I'm sorry you couldn't see how much I loved you

I'm sorry you couldn't see that I was proud of who you are

I'm sorry you thought I wanted to change you because I don't

I don't

I wouldn't change any part of you for anything

I want to kiss your shoulder and hold you like I used to

I want to sit in your basement while you make me watch stupid movies and your mom makes dinner upstairs

I want to wrap my legs around you and never let you go

I want all the things you thought I didn't want

I want all the things I thought I didn't want

I want you

I want you

I want you back

You said you didn't want me anymore but no one falls out of love that easily

No one does

I'm sorry, I didn't mean it

please come back to me

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