weakness grows stronger than before

November 23, 2012
there was a point in time
i was weak
to weak to look you in the eyes
that once held my
Broken heart
without fighting to breathe
weakness grows stronger than before
and i am growing strong
so strong sometimes it scares me
the oain i once felt in my broken heart
now helps heal & mend me back together
letting me grow stronger than before
before i met you
my weakness that once tore me apart
now helps me put myself back together
now that i know
i am more than okay
i am great without you
and all your lies
i know all the truths you have done so well to keep
away from me the whole time
you are out of time & i have known
the moment you broke my heart
i know that
weakness always grows stronger
even more than before
And Now I Am Going To Soar!!!

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