Day By Day

December 3, 2012
They laugh at me,
They call me names,
It’s like being knocked down,
Day after day,
It’s hard to be happy,
It’s hard to smile,
With all these people,
Acting so vile,
I feel so bad,
When you say I’m dumb,
When I have done , nothing at all,
I feel like I’m going through , the darkest tunnel with no way to the end,

Day after day,
I survive,
I just try and stay alive,
You may think I’m suicidal,
But I am not,
I just live my life with what I’ve got,
I have some joys amongst the pain,
Like family ,a close friend, and my God,
But one thing that brings happiness,
Most of all,
Is the exuberance of music no matter how big or small,
I love to write, I love to sing,
Anything to do with music I revel in,
It’s like my savior in the darkest place,
I don’t know what I would do without it , to fill that empty space,
I try and be happy, I try to smile, I try and make my life worthwhile,
I want to make a difference, I want to make a big change, so I try to ignore what negative things others say, it is hard sometimes but it’s worth the try, so you don’t have to worry I will not die,
I will just sit here and wave and smile, and say see you in awhile.

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