Tomorrow's Just A Day Away

December 3, 2012
I'm sick ob being tormented by you
Every day I deal with you bringing me down
But I just keep pushing through
Because I know one day I'll wear the crown

No longer will you control me
From now on I will choose my own way
One day you will see the amazing person I can be
Sorry, but I'm here to stay

You were supposed to inspire me to be bold
However all you did was make me cry
I wish you where there when I needed somebody to hold
But on my own, i grew my wings to fly

You were supposed to guide me on my path to being wise
Instead all you did was care about yourself
I can't take anymore of your lies
I will no longer accept your help

You, I no longer care about
I will no longer be sorrow
I'm not going to take the easy way out
I will only look forward to tomorrow

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