December 3, 2012
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“Where does the passage end? Is what most ask but I ask you, Where does it begin?”


Let the soul select the door that will be shut, let it reunite with its other half before the chains of damnation trap it for all eternity.
Let them pour out the notes unwanted as they lay there on the ground. Never changing and always continuing.
If they were to be chained and stayed the same it would drive that person to the brink of his insanity and lie there and wait for the carriage to roll to a stop and take deaths leather clad bony hand, to be hauled away to your judgment day.
As he sits there and listens to the clicks and the clacks of the horses that travel to the gate that is always opened to those dammed souls but slammed shut against pure essences that long to see those that cry and moan for release.
As you step to the edge and look into those that will give anything for a night of solitude and as the cold leather had pushes you to take your final step and take your place as part of the seals of fate.
As soon as you land on the ground you sign the contract that chains and binds you to your death warrant, you realize that this is your new home.

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