Blue Eyed Boy

November 22, 2012
That blue eyed boy
He makes everything into a joke.
Because it's always better to laugh 
Then to weep, his father says.

His sapphire eyes tell a story- you see
A story about a stunning boy 
Who was never allowed to cry.
When filled with sorrow
Who was never allowed to scream
When felt fear.

His eyes stowed away secrets 
Secrets that he will never share
Secrets that would ruin his perfect, false image.
The image of a gorgeous boy.
Who is afraid of nothing

Those sparkling eyes act as windows to his soul.
Those windows have fogged over.
Those windows have cracked and shattered.
From the pressure of holding everything in.
Pressure of showing no emotion.
Even after his mother died. 

That beautiful blue eyed boy,
Who never cries.
Because it's always better to laugh 
Than to weep, his father says. 

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