Their lies

November 30, 2012
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Entwine the broader spectrum of ideas-

Leave behind the narrow mind
Picture my world-
look through my eyes

The way I see it-
The ignorance-
The poverty-

The hurt-

The elimination of those lesser-
Are they worthless? No

But we like to convince ourselves and others that they are.
Don’t we?
Now take a look,
Arms expand as wide as the immeasurable ocean

Taking in everything that's toppled and tossed-

No rejections
Just acceptance.
Is that our world?

it can't be.
Not this corrupt place
Jousting against the similarities of those that should be wiping OUR feet,
The narrow minds that can’t be changed

To stubborn to realize the distortion of their lives
The difference?

There is none.

Aren’t we all human?

Some People have learned their place

To intimated to even mumble-
What they ponder about in their brilliant minds-

Embrace the diverse thoughts of the people,

Without agonizing about the hazard they might cause-
People marching upon the pavement in straight lines,

to scared to fall
Plunging themselves into a whirlpool of dishonesty-
Theirs souls...

Thrown into the fiery pits
That one place they always thought they could avoid-

One after another they fall
See their pain?


As others laugh outrageously at the site of their bodies growing wimp-
Pain trying to communicate itself to others-

As if in some sort of foreign language,
its spat upon,
Stepped on,

N EVER to be heard of again.

Those who believe only in their own aristocratic bubbles-
Spitting up to the sky insensibly

Not knowing that their malignant deeds will one day,
Crush them into pieces-

Probably not.
For the own society we live in has occluded us from the truth-
The known

Stealing away every bit of light and leaving us in the darkness-
Where we can no longer see our own shadows

But are forever
d by the demons we have created.
Can you see it now?

You might....

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Madison_E said...
Dec. 3, 2012 at 9:17 pm
I loved the words and perspective of this poem, so beautiful. 
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