A String's Descent

November 29, 2012
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She’s empty like the ocean’s depth
Where lonely travelers died and slept

Where darkest hours lurked unseen
And Time took midnights in extremes

A string to gaze the fiery light
Would never dare reverse its sight

But if it did, for goals unclear
Rejected homely atmosphere

And plunged into the pitted black
And broke unto the surface cracked

Unraveling, reaching, drowning, theft
For the sweetest air above it left

But under once and under stayed
Once a knot, forever frayed

So deep unto the currents glide
Like fragile leaves in autumn clime

A bottom tanked through years descent
Not counting those Night freely spent

A grain of sand not moved or changed
But by the waters, swift and aged

The string, with ends not sunned or kept
Merely branched and breathed and wept

Until the barren paradise
Was Eden under blessed skies

The burning glow with borderless view
Sent tightened strings in one’s pursuit

To no avail, the hours framed
Black, lofty fingers strangle day

And stringy sunlight lost beneath
Longer than above the sea
Longer than above the world
Of emptiness within the girl

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