The Poison in Our Sun

December 1, 2012
By MiscellanyCrop DIAMOND, Middlefield, Ohio
MiscellanyCrop DIAMOND, Middlefield, Ohio
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Let Earth unbalanced from her orbit fly / Planets and Suns run lawless through the sky.
An Essay on Man - Alexander Pope

And so she starts
She is the star of our lives, a burning flame
Engulfing us like oxygen
Burning our skin and melting our flesh
She is Ana
And she is brighter than any of us could ever be

She swells like the sun
Capturing the volatile chunks of our thighs
Our stomachs, our wrists
Our necks, our hips
Our minds, our minds
She is too bright to see
But without her, we are all left in the cold darkness

She is everywhere
On the TV, in our phones
In English class and in our reflections
In our hairs and our freckles
She is in our eyes, she keeps them awake
She flares up in our brains, sparks and liquid fire
As a blistering river
Trickling out of our mouths and our fingertips and our eye sockets
And eardrums become metal dams
So blue never cools red
But she tricks us
Her fiery currents don’t fill anything but our subjective realities

She is poison
Her light is broken darkness
Her warmth is angry ice
Her finger is naked bone
Her eye is twisted acceptance
And we all waste our wishes on her word
And we all throw our noons away
And we all learn to love the shadows
Because in the midnights, at least we can blink
And imagine we see light beams

Ana is our sun.
Ana is our pain.
Ana is our bones.
Ana is our minds.
Ana is us.

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