Spring Time

November 30, 2012
A creamy sunshine light rises
from a cold winter night.
It sheds it's gloom across the ground,
as waking birds chirp their morning sound.
A long sleep of soundless slumber is gone,
and rested eyes blink up at the greeting sun.
A pile of leaves push up from the ground,
as a striped honey badger comes out from the mound.
The long casting shadows across a fawns bed,
as he lift up his muzzle,
snow still on his head.
As dawn's ending draws near,
the animals of spring arise from their slumber,
with not one single fear.
The sun's rays grow warm,
shining down on below,
as a group of young tadpoles swim across a small pond in a swarm.
The day grows older and the birds chirp their last tune,
as the new grown world goes dark,
and up comes the moon.
Stars twinkle and shine their hello,
as sleepy critter eyes blink slowly,
and yawn their goodbyes.

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