Salty Apocalypse

November 29, 2012
By Malanie GOLD, Blacklick, Ohio
Malanie GOLD, Blacklick, Ohio
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“I care not what others think of what I do, but I care very much about what I think of what I do! That is character!” ~ Theodore Roosevelt

We are in the bathroom but you call it the powder room because it is fancier and prettier
I sit in shower in my sweats waiting for you to talk
But you won’t because you’re brushing your teeth and your headphones are in
I’m so scared and you’re listening to your music
Like nothing’s going on while I’m so scared
Windows are shattering glass flies past our faces and covers the floor
Ocean floods the streets invading our privacy
A salty apocalypse is drowning us
I feel naked and vulnerable and young and I want to run away so bad
Your phone buzzes and you pick it up, smiling at the words you see
Ohmigosh did you see Olivia’s new haircut what was she thinking
Ohmigosh do you see the world crumbling what are you doing
You don’t want to see what is happening so you glue your eyes to the keyboard
You are scared and I need you to be brave and the news lady is telling us to take shelter
I have to be brave because you’re not and I have to save you because you won’t save me
I yank the buds out of your ears and pry your phones from your bloodless hands
Your eyes are wide and shocked even though you’re are my hero and I’m so mad at you
I pull you away and we hide from the disaster because we cannot save anyone but each other
And we will wait until the world is safe or until everything dies
You rest your head on my shoulder and tell me about how sad you are that Lilly got voted off that show last night and I nod my ahead and tell you I think she was really talented
The sun will some out tomorrow tomorrow, tomorrow……

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