The Deathly abode

November 29, 2012
Where the stars die
And the scars in lie
For one
And one alone
Will raise a blade
And be feared
By all
Be careful not to fall
For the rocks will tremor and weep
And the innocent will sleep

Before his eyes shined red and hate over ran his head
He was rejected by most and didn’t care that the rest
Kept him as part of a family
All he kept asking was why
Why me and why is my life the way that it is?

And the hate fueled his
This led him down the path, sore,
But confidence in a secret
With one that sounds wise
But lies with every word

He takes his blood
To seal the contract
And seals his fate
For him to commit deeds of destruction
He went against god’s instruction
And caused his heart to crumble
He may have went a tumble
But there is still a small
Light of hope
For love and love alone
May change this evil from evil to good

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