Duties of The Snow Fae

November 29, 2012
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Into a world so cold,
We as snow fae,
Have our duties to behold.

To attend the festivities of the people that you see,
To also drift along the soft glittery breeze,
To hang the alluring ice that lays on Mother Nature’s trees,
We all have our duties that apply to thee.

You may not see us as we construct a snowflake,
Or perhaps as we dance upon the ice that drifts along the lake,
Although you may not see us you see the joy we surely bring,
For it lies within you and almost everything.

Some may call our work a winter wonderland,
But others might call it a cold wasteland,
We might be a burden on other seasonal fae,
But even they are happy with what we do both night and day.

You may not see us or maybe you do,
You may or may not like the work we go through,
We all have our duties that apply to thee,
Whether it’s to you or perhaps even me,
It’s all so important,
Soon you shall see.


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