Light vs Darkness

November 29, 2012
By FablehavenFan GOLD, Grand Rapids, Michigan
FablehavenFan GOLD, Grand Rapids, Michigan
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An evil cast in darkest spite

Will come forth with a vengeful blight

The planet’s hope, it tries to steal

Destroy is all it knows, not heal

The darkness seems to have no end

A wound too great, for one to mend

Our lives, it seems, the meanings gone

The night has stretched for far too long

But then, a hero, had appeared

And we shed such joyful tears

A spark of hope, which he ignites

Our gloomy future he has made light

Our disastrous dictator shook with fear

His end, so far, was now so near

The spark of hope was now a blaze

For now, numbered were his days

And when the hero’s sword came down

His lifeless body hit the ground

Then we rejoiced as never before

For now the evil was no more

Our lives, we rebuilt as they once were

A buzz of peace began to stir

The hero lives now in the stars

His reputation, no one marrs

He stands up there in shining glory

So we will never forget his story

The author's comments:
I think this could be a great opener for a book. What do you think?

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