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Why are you waking up?
Don't wipe the sand from your eyes
Slip back under the sheets.
Don't you want the comfort of the pillow?
The bed is so warm and safe.
Wouldn't you agree?

Don't look out that window
There's nothing to see.
Listen to me, come back
I only have your best interests at heart.
The earth is a grotesque place
Wouldn't you agree?

Why are you looking at me like that?
Don't let your fingers run over that doorknob.
Do not even let yourself think.
It's a bad place to be,
The outside world.
Wouldn't you agree?

I'm afraid the door is locked.
Why are you trying to kick it down?
It's just a gateway to hell.
If you continue my mask will crack.
And I won't be very happy.
It's better just to let go of curiosity
Wouldn't you agree?

Why do you insist on rebelling?
I only want to keep you safe
From pain, lies, and freedom of choice.
You don't need hopes and dreams.
Wouldn't you agree?

The sidewalks are filled with cracks
Cracks the systems and people cannot fix.
Mistakes that can never be amended.
Garbage and muck litters people's hearts.
Some of them only want to use you.
Wouldn't you agree?

Go back to your bedroom,
Pay no attention to the rioting people outside.
Shut off the lights and rest here in peace.
They don't care about you.
Not like I do.
Wouldn't you agree?

Ignorance really is bliss.
Wouldn't you agree?

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