Wind-Up Doll

November 28, 2012
She’s your pretty little plaything.
Wind her up and watch her dance,
And sing,
And do whatever you want her to do
Until she breaks.

She can’t fix herself on her own.

She’s your sweet little doll.
Tell her how to behave.
Tell her your desires,
Those sweet nothings.
You are in control of her.

She can’t make decisions on her own.

She dances
And sings,
And does whatever you want her to do.
She listens to how you want her to behave.
She listens to your sweet nothings.

Now, watch her.
Watch her become unsteady
As she slows down and wobbles.
Watch her. Watch her as she falls.

Suddenly, she is motionless, thoughtless, lifeless.
She is just a doll,
Your pretty little plaything.

Wind her up again and watch
As she repeats her mistakes again and again
Because she has no choice but to listen,
To obey,
To entertain you.
She’s your toy.

And when you outgrow her,
When she no longer satisfies you,
You’ll forget about her.
You’ll forget to wind her up.

Leave her. Leave her still and cold,
Waiting for you to tell her what to do.
That’s all she knows.

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