Jealousy Through the Lens

November 27, 2012
“Alright everyone squeeze in close!”
This family looks happy, seeming more ideal than most.
Only strangers, yet reminding me of what I used to have,
I remember the first day I knew I was going to be a dad.
“Smile big, this is the one!”
Their stay here is over but the memories have just begun.
Riding the coasters with cares not present,
Staying up late, the moon an illuminating crescent.
“Mom you blinked, how about one more?”
The longest days turned into the shortest week they will always adore.
I can already tell he will be taller than his mother,
Reminds me of my son who they say looks like his father.
“One, two, three!”
Their eyes glued on me.
The flash brightens their friendly faces,
I feel as if I know them; I’ve been in their places.
“We got it! It’s my favorite one all day!”
How I wish I could tell them don’t let this moment fade away,
My family all grown now with no appreciation for memories.
I feel pathetic when staring through a lens admiring all these families.
“Great shot guys, enjoy your stay!”
I watch as they hurry along and head on their way.
This will soon be a place they miss,
I’m just a photographer but all I wanted was my own picture like this.

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