November 26, 2012
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A breath of wind
Teases her hair
Around her brittle, stoic face
She stands
Staring defiantly
Into the dark
Foreboding clouds
Of the coming storm

The wind
Brings the heavy scent
Of coming regret
Finding its place
In the corner of her eye
Merely a speck
Nothing more

The piece of sorrow
Of unwanted softness
The hard
Cold exterior
The protective shell
Keeping tears at bay

Soft rain
Settling on her
Determined face
Seeping into her
Simple turquoise dress
Darkening it
Gently watering
Sorrow and regret
To release a single
Solitary tear
To track down
Her clouded face

Thunder rumbles
A presentiment
Of the turmoil to come

The rain falls quickly now
Her hair plasters
In dark tendrils
Whipping her face
Lashing the passion
Killing the defiance
Melting her down into

Lightning flashes
Blackening the skies
She throws her hands
As she crumples
By the percussive
Of the heavens splintering open

The tears flow
Rampant paths
Streak desperately down her face
Falling off the precipitous chin
To crash
Among the eager flowers
Drowned by the relentless rain
In puddles round her toes

A sob tears through her chest
Disguised by the thunderous clashes
Succumbing to unbridled grief
Choking on the regret
Slowly smothering her

Tears solemnly trickle
Tumbling gracefully
As the rain
Settles on the flowers
In dismal resignation
Of the ending storm

She pulls herself to her knees
Tears like dewdrops on flowers
Glisten softly
Inn the timid light
Of the newborn sun
She faces the golden sky
Set free

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Elphabalover72 said...
Apr. 5, 2013 at 11:44 pm
This is really amazing:)
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