Every Part of Me

November 26, 2012
The day you disappeared, was the day I died.
A lifetime with you was suddenly meaningless.
Walking in a daze, unaware of my surroundings
Tears falling like rain.
I don’t recall when I blacked out.
The pain was too much to bear.
And yet, the next day, I was startled awake.
The loudest pounding imaginable was banging in my head.
It was in that moment that I realized,
Somewhere, someone was sent to me in the night.
They revived my dead soul.
Only that obnoxiously loud pounding was my heart.
It never stopped beating,
But how?
It was broken.
Cut in half-severed into nothing.
It bled dry, I was sure of it.
Even so, with my miraculous still-beating heart,
I continued to meander through this useless life.
I gave you my heart, a part of me.
I gave you everything I could.
And yet, you threw it away.
Oddly enough, months later after I died and was reborn,
My heart continues to beat.
Now I see my heart was never broken.
My blood never stopped flowing.
My tears eventually dried up.
The pounding in my chest reminds me that you failed.
You can’t break what was never meant to be broken.
My heart still beats.
But not for you, as it once did.
It beats for me now, only me.
Because my heart, my love, deserves better,
True, I love you. Yes, I miss you…
But now I smile, a sincere smile, a happy one.
And every day, the pounding heart dwelling inside my chest grows louder and stronger each morning.
It lets me know that I have strength inside me wanting to come out and be free.
My heart is almost whole again.
Aren’t you proud?
I am.
You didn’t break me, kudos for you.
You only made me realize that I had the power to reclaim every part of me I gave to you.

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