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November 25, 2012
Pull up, wait for the click.
Take off the stringer,
Grab the target, prop it up.
Turn, four paces, place the Aim,
Twenty more paces,
Forty feet.
Stance, perpendicular to the target.

Nock an arrow,
One finger on top,
Two underneath.
Position one:
Hand to hip
Position two:
Aim up, ninety degree elbow
Position three:
Hand to bottom of neck
Position four:
Hand under the chin, string to nose
Inhale, see yellow,
Point arrow at the Aim.
Exhale, release
Position five:
hand follow jaw line.

Shot, off to the right
In the blue.
darn it.
Nock another arrow:
One, Two, Three, Four
Inhale, aim a little left,
Exhale, release, Five.

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