Ode to Froyo

November 25, 2012
By isbautista SILVER, Natick, Massachusetts
isbautista SILVER, Natick, Massachusetts
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The creamy ridged delight
Slowly makes it’s way out of the machine.
The flavored treat
swirls around and around in my cup.
I release the lever
sadly ending the frozen trail.

I pile on my toppings,
A colorful mosaic of fruit against a white background.
Strawberries, kiwi, blueberries, mangos,
Add sweet texture to a tart base.
My eyes rest on my edible masterpiece
Before it is gone forever.

I scoop the perfect bite
The balanced ratio of original flavored to fruit.
The smooth dessert turns to liquid
and runs down my throat.
The juices of strawberry slices and mango chunks
mingle and dance together.

Again and again.
Scoop after scoop.
Bite after bite.
But somehow I am always surprised
When I am scraping my cup too soon.

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