limbs of stone

November 25, 2012
By CheekyLittleTimeLord SILVER, Aurora, Illinois
CheekyLittleTimeLord SILVER, Aurora, Illinois
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a soft song
lilting notes spilling out
when her blood turned to stone
and she slid down
into a slump
the music ceased
for this never ending tiredness
was simply too much to bear
to lift her arms
was not an option
to lift her eyes
a difficult task
but when the music stopped forever
her eyes could lift
and her arms and legs could do
the silly dance of life
but minutes passed
and the sun set-tled on her heart
and her arms were trapped
her mind dark
this time she used the knife to cut
away the stone
and she kept dancing.
a year passed
and the weight came again
and she only wished for it to crush her
so she grew lighter and lighter
with the song of the sun
until she could hardly dance
a child came then
and he lifted the weight.
he spoon fed her joy
and he broke the ropes that trapped her wings
so the razor wouldnt have to slice
and the music played

to the soft melody
of the dusk of a smile

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