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November 25, 2012
(so this is how it is)
emotions are electrons,
electrons are criminals dashing away
from their cell — trying to make their bid for freedom.
are you trying to be free of me?
i’ve certainly tried to be.

your emotions are flying at
velocities that i could never discern,
could never imagine because
mine are running the opposite way.
i’m scared of what i could find.

i’m trying to figure out,
if not how fast you’re running,
then where you’re running from,
where you’re running to.

this whole amalgamation of
what you’re thinking and who you are
and what you think of me and who you think i am
and if you look at science,
you can see my search is futile

because i can never know at the same time
where you’re coming from, and how fast you’re going.
(i don’t think i should really care,
as long as you’re running to me.)

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