Crying Is Beautiful

November 24, 2012
By Jessie1020 SILVER, Charlotte, North Carolina
Jessie1020 SILVER, Charlotte, North Carolina
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Sitting here alone letting my thoughts consume my mind
Wishing you’d care that you left my heart behind
I cry because I am scared, lost, and terrified
That you’ll forget about all those nights I cried
I cried myself to sleep because of you
And you let go and forgot about me too
I guess I was a fool to love you for so long
Because all you ever said was that my feelings were wrong
I was wrong to be afraid to open my heart to you
But I’m glad I didn’t completely because look what you’d do
You pushed me away like I never even mattered
Pieces of my heart broken and scattered.
Here I am now, still crying over you.
Wondering if I’m insane and unsure of what to do.
I hope that with every tear, i am closer to myself
I miss who I was, but now i need help
I’ve become sucked into a dark hole
And I am unsure of my role
What it is you expect me to do
Now that I no longer have you
You were my life you were my everything
I wanted to be your wife, you gave me a ring
A promise that this life wouldn’t get in the way
Yet, here you are now, with nothing left to say
I ask myself, How could you not care?
After everything we had and shared?
But after the way you treated me
I should let go and finally see
That crying is beautiful and self growth
And with every tear that will show
I will find who I am after all of this is done
And you will have lost, and I will have won.

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