Sometimes in Life

November 24, 2012
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Sometimes I go to sleep crying,my tears were waterfalls and I wonder why.
Maybe because I fear that I wont hear from you
the very next day.
I guess I’m scared of you no longer being around

Sometimes I would just wake up screaming
in the middle of the night.
I was confused why
Probably because I saw my heart being stolen
by an unwanted guy.

Sometimes I just change moods.
as if I was a Bi-Polar Drama Queen
I was lost of why I did this
Maybe because I just over thought unrealistic things.

Sometimes I would just stand alone
like a fish surround by sharks
It was all a mystery to me
Probably because the only person I want to be around was you.

Sometimes I just got realistic.
I remembered the beautiful moments together
and the promises we made between us
Shh! Just Stop! Don’t destroy damage that’s already done.

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