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November 24, 2012
By Wille GOLD, Allentown, Pennsylvania
Wille GOLD, Allentown, Pennsylvania
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From StarCraft 2... Just entertains me at times
"Whenever I see a world untouched by war, a world of innocence, a world of lush forests and clear rivers. (pause) I really just wanna nuke the crap out of it

Sweetie I know things are looking bad.
I know your hurting and sad.
I know you’ve lost hope.
And how you wanna go to a tree with a rope.
I know you’re in so much pain.
And how your trying to stay sane.
But listen we can do this.
We can get to a state of bliss.
I love you very much I say.
I’m always here for you every day.
We can get through this painful time. We can let the little joy we share shine.
We can hold each other close for comfort now.
Trust me I’ll be around.
We gotta stick together
I’ll be here forever.
Right now just have hope.
Hold on to that rope.
I never have judged you.
I’ve already been true.
So believe me…
My love for you is deeper than the sea.
We can do it, I promise I tell you.
I *holds you close and strokes the back of your head gingerly. Looks at you and has a single tear go down my face. Stairs into your eyes for a second, then says* I love you.
*Continues to hold you and rocks you back and forth soothing you. Strokes the back of your head again… This goes on till YOU are done.*

The author's comments:
I wrote this for 3 reasons. One for when I get a girl friend and there's a hard time. 2. For guys who need a little help on what to say (yes I thought of the guys who aren't good with words) and 3 if a teen needs comfort. I know sometimes personalizing my self in something makes me feel good...Why not someone else?

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