November 24, 2012
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Watching and waiting for a new start,
Patiently yearning as it all falls apart,
Dwelling on infinite insanity,
Wondering with irrational thoughts if there is any rationality,
We all end up counting something in life…
Seconds, minutes, years, and moments;
Memories, tragedies, and priceless sentiments;
Chances, relapses, and hesitant thoughts;
Words, reactions, and emotions endured or sought
Witnessing heartbreak all around me—
Why stop there?
It’s everywhere.
Yes, we count and count and count…
I count my steps as I walk away.
I count the words it might just take.
I count the ones I didn’t say,
And watch with anguish what replaced.
Life spirals down with shocking symmetry,
The same point in the end we reach…
We are like exclusive numbers in an explicit series,
We are all the same yet so unique.
Wait for me; don’t count the time.
It takes too long when absorbed in its wind.
Instead, create a life-like rhyme
To pass the days that will go by.

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