The Whisper

November 24, 2012
A whisper holds more meaning than anything
Else in the world
It can be as loud as a trumpet
To one pair of ears
Or softer than a falling raindrop
To another

A whisper can be heard by many
Can hold so much meaning
So much emotion
So much more voice than just a
Regular spoken word.

A whisper can land heavily on your shoulders
And blanket you with courage
Or it can be a bucket of ice
Dropped upon your head.

A whisper can flit around
And being strong,
It never peeps a sound
Even a level above itself.

Whispers are never exactly the same
They can start out as a yellow rose,
Turn to pink,
And finish out white.
Like a rose, it can grow, each layer adding strength.

A whisper can be as light as a kite
Floating around and careless to some,
The world to others

Your parents might whisper behind their closed door
They can whisper forever
Whisper, whisper, whisper
Their angry whispers louder than a shout

A whisper can keep the kite up
The wind in all essence
Flouncing the kite about
Or it can tear it up
And trail the kite along the ground
Dragging it for a while before it can finally stop.

A whisper is a cult
A wall
Meant to keep some out

Whispers are locked behind every door
And only those who are let in
Get to see
The whisper’s only using you
It is manipulative and deceiving
Dishonest and opaque
What if there is a second meaning?

Whispers are a dangerous weapon
One that not everyone can handle.

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