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November 12, 2012
Fallen Eyes
The world was dark,
At least it was for me.
On the day of my death
No fire claimed the skies.
They left me there, my wrists fastened tight.
The field was quiet,
I listened to the trickle of blood
As it filtered over my eyes.
Metallic as it tasted,
As sharp as the wood grain posts.
They killed a man they knew not,
They killed an innocent child.
The world knew not of my name until that night.
That night I was forced
To watch my blood spill over the earth.
Yellow as it was underfoot,
I lost who I was.
The chill of the rain
Encircled my torn corpse.
I clung to hope.
I held my name to my heart.
My tears were scarlet as was my face.
The gun they held to my chest was cold
And brittle like shattered teeth.
They left me there, alone and scared.
I died that night.
It is true I was gay
But now I am no more.

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Gunning1969 said...
Dec. 20, 2012 at 5:10 pm
Wow, this piece is truely remarkable. I could feel the sheer brutality you were trying to convay and your use of words and sentence structure flow effortlessly. You will reign in the world of creative writting!  Sincerely, you're bestest buddy Gunning (=
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