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November 26, 2012
By Allie Spensley BRONZE, Avon Lake, Ohio
Allie Spensley BRONZE, Avon Lake, Ohio
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The backdrop of the world
The chameleon milieu, shifting setting
Now a robin’s egg and then a smooth stone
A canvas to an ambiguous artist

Initially a formless wasteland, a darkness covering abyss
A delicate finger of radiance creeps onto the vista
Like an inferno of luminosity, sweeping to corrode the black
A curtain lifts to reveal the stage of existence

A disc hovers in the heavens, spreading cordiality to strangers
Reaching to the depths of the furrows and coaxing out vivacity
Energy pours, a golden waterfall, a gilded cataract, the glistening cascade
The heart of spirit, pumping shine, fueling the essence of all there is

As the day drowses and slips into night,
That enigmatic painter lifts his brush
Strokes a carpet of colors, weaves a blanket of hues
Golden coins and wild asters, autumn leaves drifting in the wind

Fireworks bursting and erupting
Ornamenting the heavens with a glorious finale
Then leisurely melting away
Slinking under the horizon, submitting to inky blackness

As the splendid ring of purity and brightness fades
The shade swallows up the glow as the bright swallowed up the dim
A whale swallowing all in its path, the great cavern of three days and nights
The succession of each begins again, never-ending, forever.

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