The Army of Monsters MAG

November 26, 2012
By Sam Wilsdorf BRONZE, Rolla, Missouri
Sam Wilsdorf BRONZE, Rolla, Missouri
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I look out across my land
filled with castles
and beautiful gardens.
My world of blocks.
Off in the distance,
I see a green creature
standing with a sad face.
It stares right back
into my pixilated eyes.
I run in my house
and grab my battle gear out of my chest.
I return to my world of blocks
with my strongest armor
and a diamond sword in my hand.
The battle has begun.
I destroy the skeleton guards,
but I take damage from their arrows.
I slay the zombies
who hunger for my precious brain,
and avoid the spiders
who try to poison me.
I hop up the mountain
and find myself face to face
with the green beast –
the Creeper.
He growls like a ticking time bomb.
He has one purpose in life,
to explode.
I dive away as the ground behind me
is blown to smithereens.
I take a deep breath and bask
in my accomplishment –
My Minecraft kingdom and I are safe.

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