Why Are your Crying?

November 13, 2012
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It seems you've been giving
The underhand in life.
And you've chosen to deal with it
At the point of a knife.
You depict this in drawings,
You depict this in tears,
You depict this in reasons
Of what's happened to you over the years.

It seems you have any disease
The Google could find,
Running amok inside you
And messing with your mind.
But who is the psychiatrist
That is giving you all your ‘meds?'
And how are your crossing them
Without messing up even more
Of your head?

I hear you're talking once again
To that ghost you claim
To be your friend.
The ‘demon' with the face
Of many cuts and burns.
That transfer on to you,
But can only be seen in turns.

What else do you do
To help yourself?
From the mental diseases
You suffer through?
Drawing the same blood soaked
Anime character
And getting us to pay attention to you?

I see you're crying
Once again,
From the binge eating disorder
To the anorexia
You had at the same time.
All while being sexually harassed
And being schizophrenic
While on your wrist
You carved lines.

But if into your hands
You are crying like rain,
Why is it that
Your tears never stain?
Your eyes never red,
Your face never puffed,
Your voice is still clear,
And your nose isn't stuffed.

I think you are confused,
My dear.
I don't think you are quite right…
Something is flawed
In your need for attention—
A real disorder you have
You keep forgetting to mention

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Padoodallee said...
Nov. 26, 2012 at 4:17 pm
Soo so good. The last stanza puts it all together and gives it a conclusion I wasn't expecting. Keep up the good work!
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