November 13, 2012
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everything is
and neutral
either all across
or balanced out by the
so you can either be
content all
the time or you
can be very happy
and very sad
at the same time
and you can either be
adequate at everything
or gifted at something
and terrible at everything
else and you can either
be satisfied with mediocre
love or experience its euphoria
and its dementia
and you can either be
amiable or you can
be idolized and
devaluated and you can
be okay with
average amounts of money
or unsatisfied with
huge amounts
so you can either pick
the middle path
or you can
simultaneously take
the very positive and
very negative but
in the end neither is
better and once you
realize that neither
lead to nirvana and
it is all one
you no longer know
what to do with yourself
or why

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