But Why?

November 12, 2012
By HazeyGirl13 GOLD, Lakeview, New York
HazeyGirl13 GOLD, Lakeview, New York
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"One part angel, one part perfect, one part wreck" -Hunter Hayes, "Storm Warning"

Why is it that I push you away,
Using the forces of nature and gravity,
And yet you are still here,
As faithful as always?

How come when I scream at you,
I tell you to leave, I tell you to disappear,
You do not turn running and screaming
Without turning back for one last glance?

Why do you work so hard to clean
Each mess I make,
And fix what I break, no matter
How many pieces to the puzzle?

What is this thing you speak of?
I do not know of it,
I do not wish to know it.

You tell me of it constantly, and
I laugh in your face,
Yet you say you love me anyways,
And I do not know why.

The author's comments:
There are times in life when I don't deserve to be cared about, yet there are people who love me regardless. And sometimes, I just don't understand. This poem came from the guilt of pushing someone away, and wanting to know why they continue to want to be with me.

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