November 12, 2012
Oh I can wish and wish,
for the night,
and for a kiss.
I can pray and pray,
for tonight to turn to days.
I can feel, oh feel,
as can a man with no appeal
to his full name;
a name that bears a degree of shame.
Be it the debt, or simply the regret?
It matters not, for I fled.
Yet apprehensive, the choice, I was led
by only your voice.

The man himself was never much
of an honorable man.
His checks spent before received.
"I'll do the best I can,"
his family rightly deceived.
I share this now for I fear the worst.
He was killed, as he was first.
My dearest you took me in,
licked my wounds;
your emotion very well proven.
You laid me down,
kissed my brow and allowed a piece of sanctity to be woven.
You've earned these words my dear,
but as I live in fear,
these will be my last.

My passion is as the fluid in your veins,
thick, and rich, and flowing.
Let us stop these pity games,
and may I die with your knowing.
Hold these words close to your heart,
as you are my favorite work of art.
I love you my dearest.
May my end come swiftly,
brought by the waking of the sea.
I wish for only one last night, my dear,
to lay aside your warmth,
crashing waves filling my ears.
I pray for this to last lifetimes,
as your heat joins with mine.
I feel nothing but your love.
I love nothing but your feeling.

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