November 12, 2012
Just sittin here.... with no one around, the tv on but not payin any attention to it, makes me think. Think of all those people I go to school with but they judge and start rumors with not even knowing you.... not knowing your story at all, they think they can just do it and not hurt anyone. My best friend was the first to start all these rumors. I couldnt believe it at first but yeah, the one I told everything and anything to told people rumors about me. She didnt believe me when I told her about it... She just thought I was lyin and she ignored it. She was the one to put notes in my gym locker... not at all nice notes either. Everywhere I went in that school, I felt as if they all wanted me gone. They all would say things as I passed them in the hall... would push me sometimes. No one really belived me. So I decided not to do anythin about it. I would just shake it off. I didnt want to get anyone in trouble... and if my best friend couldnt belive me..then who would? I missed her.... but she didnt miss me... she was the one who would give me glares.. like I did somethin to her... but I never knew what. she just turned into my worst nightmare. Every night, I would cry myself to sleep. I knew I had other friends that believed me but she was the one I though would always be there for me... through it all. where did I go wrong?

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