November 18, 2012
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Why do I bother with chasing love?
I used to think to was as beautiful as a dove
I used to embrace it like no tomorrow.
I left my heart to borrow.
But now I have every regret,
That I even said it.
Those three little words ‘I love you ‘Now I never know what’s true.
I have a hard time believing those words.
Because I see it flies away like birds.
I know it’ll come back eventually
But now I know it’s not key to have or essentially.
I can leave my heart grow cold and bitter.
Just leave it sit there and listen to pitters.
Eventually it’ll come out, I know that.
But for now I know it’s got to hide like a cat.
I used to want it more than the world.
I used to want it more than the world.
I used to try to get it at all costs.
But now I’ll just sit there and curl.
Leave my love lie in its cot
And I never want to look back at my past.
And I don’t look forward to the future because I know it won’t ever last.

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