A Maiden's Lullaby

November 18, 2012
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Lay there my darling
succumb to the dreams
fall gently into slumber
while I sing to thee

I shall sing of vast valleys
hidden by forests
supported by rivers
that flow their course

I shall sing of sweet birds
that whistle their sorrows
to the ears of a traveler
who listens with care

that traveler shall glide
fly among the clouds
run with cheetahs
swift as the wind

and with mysterious eyes
she shall peer forever
searching the skies
and the deep blue

she seeks only one
a single soul
lost for all time
but always longed for

yet she never loses hope
and perhaps someday
she will awake to find herself
warm in his arms

and their hearts shall sing
as I sing to thee now
of the loveliness
of life and its sorrows

for somewhere a maiden lurks
searching for a lad like thee
maybe she will find who she seeks
perhaps it shall be thee

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