Just Another Hit

November 16, 2012
Take another hit
Just take another hit
C'mon girl, just one more
If you don't your just not worth it
C'mon, what your scared?
Ha! This is your first time
I swear this stuff, its safe
Easy as hell
Thats what you want right?
I can give you that
Just take another hit
Your not doing it right
Let me show you, like this
Now exhale, just a little
Thats good, mhmm
Your mine now
You want more?
Oh come on, you have to pay now
You want just one more
You want just another hit
Just another bit of inhaled happiness
Inhaled Heaven
Okay lets take a crack at it
Ah, you got it?
Yeah, its a little pun
What, you don't like it?
Aw, thats just cause you can't afford it now
C'mon girl get me the money and you get your…
You can't think without it now
You go insane
The walls close around you
You pull out your hair
Look at you now
Doing anything to get it
I told your your mine
You may not know it but your mine
Your a slave of substance
A dog of addiction
You need it
You can't eat or sleep without it
Look at you
You disgust me
So small
A crumpled fragment of who you where
who - what you are now…
Is just like the others
Just like every sob story
Just like every tragedy
Face it hon your a lifetime movie
Does that make you sad?
It's okay
It's Alright
You can just have another hit
Because your mine

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