That's IT

November 7, 2012
Your lies and cruelty only hurt who you are, not who I am or who I will be.
I only care when it matters but you don’t matter to me.
Not if you talk to me like that.
I can’t believe you would even try that.
You would stoop that low?
What do you benefit from this?
All you earn is my hate and despise.
Trust me.
You don’t want that.
I’m not your problem.
I’ve never been your problem.
I don’t want to be your problem.
So don’t worry.
I’m, done with it all.
I’m done with the cruel words.
The gossip.
The drama.
I’m done with the hate.
The cruelty.
The harshness.
I’m done with the looks.
The hateful glances.
The stares.
I’m done with the whispers.
The rumors.
The plans.

Just go.
Leave me alone.
Leave here.
I’m not listening to you anymore.
You don’t power me.
Good bye!

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