My Living Presence

November 7, 2012
I see it before my eyes
Every little flame
The fire clawing at the ground
Smiling, like it’s a game

I can’t move
It’s as if my body is frozen
Frozen in the memories about to burn before my eyes
Clutching to my side, my baby sister cries

Her tears roll off her face
Hitting the barren ground
Her eyes cry a sad song
but i cant hear a sound

The fire is a raging demon as it claws its way up our house
They turn around and stare at me
Bearing their deathly eyes
Second by second they grow immorally in size

Ash scrapes upon may face pleading me to go
Staying still a deathly cloud fills my soul and heavily towards the ground I flow
Fire cascading upon my skin I feel my presence gone
Now clothed in silky white lace I am where I belong.

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