The Seasons Are Coming Back And So Are You

November 16, 2012
The summer has gone,
The winter is coming.
The clouds are gathering
And birds are fleeing.
People are in their homes.
Sadness is gathering
A child cries everyday in pain
And the trees are withering.
The wind is turning cold,
The pathway is snowy.
Hair are falling on my face
And the light slowly fades away.
It fades away
As you go away,
The suns sets down
The streets get dark.
I sit down on a bench,
I wait for you
Time keeps slipping away,
And I’m still waiting for you.
Time keeps changing flames into embers
I keep lighting them up again and again
But the wind flies and they vanish once again
But I still have belief in my mind.
I still know that one day, you will come back.
I know that this wait for you will not go in vain.
With the season, you went,
As they’ll come back, so will you.
I know you will return searching for me.
Like I waited for you.
One day, the light will come back and so will you
One day, I’ll laugh with such a smile
That the sun will come glowing.
One day, as the seasons will come, so will you.

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molly <3 said...
Nov. 29, 2012 at 6:17 am
I simpley loved the peom...!!
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