Best Friends

November 16, 2012
This poem is for my best friend of all time
Whom I have loved dearly since the fourth grade
When we met we were both friendless
And ever since that moment eight years ago
Neither of us will ever be friendless again
Our friendship is something we took for granted
Until you moved
Now our friendship is stronger than ever
Because we have to work to stay best friends
I have told you that you are my best friend
Many a time
But I never really told you
How much our friendship means to me
Through hard times
We have comforted each other
And through good times
We have laughed and smiled together
We have such a strong sisterly bond that
Many people never experience
I think everyone should have someone like you
To be there for them through thick and thin
This is a poem for you
My encouraging best friend
Because you and I have a bond that can
Never Be Broken

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