Just a Goodnight Kiss

November 15, 2012
By BrokenNeonLights PLATINUM, Gaffney, South Carolina
BrokenNeonLights PLATINUM, Gaffney, South Carolina
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It was just a kiss
Just a single tiered moment
Bridging across time
Drawing out the seconds
All i was a kiss
It didn't mean anything at all
Or did it?
An unwanted kiss goodnight
But i felt so right
Great, now I rhyme
No, it can’t be I'm falling, falling
Stars twinkled in his hidden eyes
Butterflies took flight in the soft night breeze
Frogs choked out a riveting chorus
Sparks of lightning closed the gap between our skins
Crap, did I notice all this?
Did he notice all this?
But i was just a kiss
Nothing more, nothing less
He didn't say a word and walked away
Hands in his pockets, dragging his feet
Am i not a good kisser?
Was he disappointed?
Do I need a breath mint?
Is he that much out of my league?
Why am i worrying, calm down
It meant nothing, just a simple kiss
Surely he won’t call me back
He’ll just instant message me
Saying he moved to Alaska
Wait, are girls in Alaska pretty?
Does he think I'm ugly?
It's possible, probably true
But he kissed me, remember
It was just a kiss is all, or was it
Maybe one more would help to decide
Could it be love?
Blooming like a midnight flower
Or could it be a let down
Like a bathtub with no rubber ducky
Or life without Sesame Street
Maybe just one more... it only a kiss
He stops and turns
He’s walking toward me looking down at is worn sneakers
We're just kids
We can’t be young and in love
But who says?
His long blond hair covers his blue eyes
Silver irises circling a new moon
He's coming to tell how horrible of a kisser I am
He's coming to ask me to delete his well memorized number off my phone
He's coming to say not to call him ever again
It can’t be just kiss
5 feet, 4 feet, 3, 2, 1, now only inches away
He opens his perfectly shaped lips
They had tasted of crushed black berries
Did I notice that too?
You know, he could really use a breath mint
Up close, maybe he's not a cute as I thought
Wow, I am like so out of his league
But remember, you let him kiss you
He leans in and says, "You worry too much."
My mouth betrays my mind and says, "Speak for yourself"
I lean closer, filling the space between us
And i kiss him
And it's so much more than just a kiss
It’s a goodnight kiss
It’s a call you later kiss
It’s a can’t wait to see you again kiss
It’s an 'i love you' kiss
So much more than only goodnight
But it’s a good thing I didn't freak, right?
I always keep my cool around people
Cause after all, it’s only a kiss


I wake up from my memory with a smile upon my face. Dawn it just breaking the tree line and the window begins to filter in some light. My husband sleeps on my right, his hair tousled and in disarray. Care full not to disturb is dreams, I lean over and gently brush my lips against his, always tasting of his favorite food. I give a small smile, reminded of the taste, and lay back down curled against him. As I drift back into sleep, I whisper aloud, "just because I loved you when we were seventeen, doesn't mean you were the best kisser ever". Soon I'm asleep.

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