My Love

November 15, 2012
By toshiro987 BRONZE, Raleigh, North Carolina
toshiro987 BRONZE, Raleigh, North Carolina
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My beloved love
Whom is as beautiful as a red rose
My love for you shall forever be eternal
Look into your heart
Come forth and live
You are my love forever

My love forever
Stay with me dear love
Don't drop your rose
Love me in Eternal
look into my heart
I love and live

See us live
We have loved each other forever
Sit with me my Love
Oh, and I brought you a white rose
I am your for eternity
It's written all over my Heart

Listen to my heart
Hear it beat and live
I know just like me, you have loved me forever
Let me hold you love
look at your white rose
It lives in eternal

See how our love is eternal
Yes I will still be in your heart
I don't have much longer to live
But with you I shall be forever
Don't cry my dear love
Keep an eye on your white rose

Look at your rose
I cannot live in eternal
But know I will always be in your heart
Keep on living
I will watch you forever
Kiss me one last time love

Feel the breeze love
See your living white rose
My spirit is in it for eternal
I am with u in your heart
My spirit live
My dear love, our love will last forever

The author's comments:
A Sestina I wrote for my Writing Class containing these six words:

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