I hid myself and Cried . . .

November 14, 2012
I hid my face and cried . . .
Although we have regrets of the past
I hid in darkness while the moonlight cast
A shadow on the moonlit ground
I slipped deeper into the darkness silent sound
The nights fresh air and thick wind blew
I forced by thoughts away from you
The leaves on every tree dance
I shiver whenever I get the chance
I took a seat chills from the cold
I hugged myself, a friend to hold
I looked down, afraid of the sky
For when I stop to peak, you waved goodbye
My mind goes black, my words tangle
My breathing stops, my heart it strangles
A gasp for air but no sound I make
My heart full of fear began to shake
I grasp one breath and fall on my back
I see the war of the stars, they attack
One star falls down, no longer above
One star, a ball of fire, feels no love
I turn my head, I set my eyes
I watch a group of fireflies
They prance as though it’s meant to be
That I should be out at night at three
As if it’s no surprise I’m here
I curl up tight and pull myself near
And what I find, one clear, pure tear
Just one of the many I’ve ever let shatter
Just one, but at the moment the reason won’t matter
Just a tear, but it’s my warm blanket tonight
I glance at the moon, such a height
It sits perfectly above all the stars, all the birds
The branches of trees sway as thought screaming words
The silence breaks down and I hear a loud shot
Thunder. It seems I’ve been caught
Gray cloud spread above all the soldiers of stars
Rain drizzles as to sacrifice me, leave me more scars
I slowly stand tall, the wind roars loud
My fear lingers, I feel unhappy not proud
I simply sink down to my knees on the grass
The cold wind stings and cuts like glass
My hands cover my face so not to be seen
At night I’m no longer over seen
At last my thoughts won’t shiver and hide
This very night, I screamed and cried

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