November 14, 2012
All I see is a beautiful woman
Eyes that mesmerize & lips that deliver bliss,
I realize I was given a gift from above
A Goddess to bless me with her love,
She is such a sight to see
It feels like I'm in a dream,
As I open my eyes I realize it was a dream
I knew it was too good to believe,
I try to shake my dizzy haze
Still wishing I was in her warm embrace,
I realize there is a woman next to me
But her complexion is hard to see,
As I sit in bed she stirs in her place
I'm about to see this stranger's face,
As she wakes she says, "Good morning, Baby."
When I see her face I think I might go crazy,
I feel that my eyes deceive me
For it is the Goddess of my dreams,
I am too stunned to speak
I feel as if I'm still in my dream,
You might think I'm a fool if I said dreams do come true
But I realize they do come true because I have you.

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