My Ocean

November 12, 2012
There is an ocean
In my soul
It's waves crash against the barren walls
Of my heart

And in my dreams
Engulfed in despair
I can see you
Sinking further and further
Into the hazy blue abyss
And I can feel your fingertips
Gracing my skin
And your hands
Reaching towards the light
But still
You sink deeper

My ocean
I trusted you to keep me afloat
Please don't steal the one I love
Save your tempest waters
For the unfortunate other
Salvage my soul

My ocean
Grasp the hands of the one I love
With all that is left of this heart
I am lost without him

My love
You are my ocean
Stay strong
For when my salty tears sink you further
Wipe them away
Do not fall astray

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